Jun 072009

I spent some time today polishing up the basic video create/view/update/delete pages so they are a little easier to use. Not being a great CSS designer, I opted to use the Blueprint CSS framework [released under the MIT Lisense] to make things easier… I’ve never been a fan of manually crafting stylesheets for very complicated pages, and knowing that someone else will deal with the various browser-compatability hacks is a big relief. In addition to Blueprint, I’m using the Silk icon set from FamFamFam. I think I’ve used this icon set in just about every project I’ve done that doesn’t someone who is a “designer”. I was pleasently surprised to see they have icons for film.

On the coding front of things, the simple management (CRUD) of videos and collections is complete. I need to do a bit more work for adding additional videos to a collection, which I hope to have done by Wedneday… then I’m onto thumbnailing and conversion.

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