Nov 162010

Whew, I think this is finally working.

Over the past few years I made the mistake of creating unique blogs for each project I had been working on.  It seems like a great way to segment things, create friendly URL’s, and not have to deal with old WordPress installations, but I decided that it wasn’t a very sustainable plan.  On the server end of things I ended up with 4-5 different WordPress installs, each with a separate database, apache config, etc. one huge mess that makes moving servers much slower than I’d like it to be.  When a project “finished” (aka I got busy with something else) I would end up with this dusty blog sitting out there on the internet somewhere.

My new plan is to use one blog for all my projects, using categories to separate posts into their respective projects.  Luckily, WordPress lets you generate RSS feeds based on categories so I don’t have to do any magic to keep separate RSS feeds working.  Also, having just one blog to maintain should help me keep 1 thing up and running better than 4-5 different things up and running.

Before this post I imported all my writings from Flagship Geo and Bonsai Video, two open source projects I worked on during the Summer 10 and Summer 09 respectively.  Over the next few days/weeks I’ll be adding other projects and notes that didn’t import so easily so stay tunes for some updates.  Ideally I’ll be posting >1 entry per week but don’t hold me to it.

So, here’s to giving this a try.

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