Aug 162010

Prof. Moorthy was unable to attend the RCOS meeting last Friday (2010-08-13) so I’d like to provide a few updates on the projects and groups that presented during the meeting.

Matthew O’Brien started the meeting off with some updates on Project Community Connected.  Matt has finished the main application for his community bulletin board, and is in the process of cleaning up some of the style elements and fixing a few bugs.  He’s hoping to test out the program sometime this fall and was going to be reaching out to a few communities over the next few weeks.

Anthony Loven and Brittany Jason have been developing IntuiTask, a lightweight agenda and calendaring application for the Android platform.  They’ve completed the basic application and are busy at work polishing the user interface and are going to be testing the application on different hardware devices over the next few weeks.  During the Fall semester (or may the Spring) they plan to add GPS support to their program so you can be notified of tasks you can complete around you, like picking up prescriptions in a pharmacy when you approach one.  Anthony mentioned they would be holding off on releasing their application on the Android Marketplace until they could finish some more testing to avoid any bad reviews an early beta edition might receive.

Sean Austin, Diana Mazzola and Griffin Milsap presented their final updates on droidViz.  They have been very busy refactoring their application to serve as a visualization framework which can be used by other applications.  They’ve named this new tool ‘LucidEngine’ and were able to show off a neat demo application they built using it.

Jacob Katz presented via Skype on his chess program, OpenGambit.  Over the past few weeks he has been fixing a few board-evaluation bugs and is going to be starting development work on the GUI over the next week or two.

Finally, Graylin Kim presented on all of the open source work he has been doing this summer.  He has been working with the New York State Senate on  a bunch of projects to help open up their various data feeds.  Graylin presented a few demos, showing off the Senbook, demonstrating all the work he has done aggregating different data sources from the Senate’s various data sources.

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