Jun 092010

I just bumped Flagship Geo to use Rails 3 Beta 4 (commit), luckily everything seems to still be working when I run my test suite.   Installing the new version of Rails is pretty easy, you just have to run `gem install rails –pre`.  You might want to sudo if you keep your gems system wide.

I use Passenger to serve most of my rails app on my development server and I had to change around the config a bit to get things working with Beta 4.  Specifically, I had to switch Passenger to treat my application like a Rack application.  I don’t know exactly what this means from an application-architecture standpoint, but I believe its related to the initialization procedures used to boot the application.  To make the switch, I had to edit my public/.htaccess file.  You might need to edit your apache virtual host config if that is where you store your Passenger config info.  The switch is pretty easy, switch every instance of “Rails” to “Rack”:

RackEnv development
RackBaseURI /geo

Also, bundler has been getting on my nerves.  When I upgraded rails, bundler was updated to 0.9.26 which is very confused about its gem locations.  From the command line, everything works great.  I can rake test, ./script/rails console, and do all of that great stuff but when I load my application up in the browser half of my gems can’t be found.  I needed to sudo gem install them to manually make them available system-wide, doing just `bundle install` would install them locally which was good enough for CLI work but didn’t cut it for Passenger.  I believe this might be fixed in bundler 0.10… due out ASAP?

Otherwise, everything is working great.  I look forward to the Rails 3 RC upgrade later in the week… hopefully the upgrade won’t be much harder.

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